Our clients come from a range of backgrounds, and all of them have unique needs and goals that we address in a comprehensive and collaborative process. We have particular experience working with:


KEY executives and managers

  • Income tax management
  • Effective utilization of employee retirement plans and incentive compensation
  • Manage concentration of stock options within context of other investments
  • Build comprehensive retirement, education and estate plan

Business Owners

  • Diversify your wealth away from your business
  • Create income stream from non-business assets
  • Manage income taxes
  • Protect personal, business and retirement assets


Pre-retirees and retirees

  • Determine precise date of retirement
  • Help maximizing your future income stream
  • Determine optimal pension and social security payments
  • Assess future healthcare and long-term care needs
  • Ensure current investments balanced appropriately

Widows and widowers

  • Helping you understand your new financial landscape
  • Create your financial plan for long-term income stability
  • Help optimizing your investment, pension and social security options
  • Prepare healthcare and long-term care plan

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