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About Hatton Consulting

At Hatton Consulting, we believe so strongly in the way we manage wealth that we wrote a book on it. That book—The Wealth Management Experience by our Vice President, Jim Hatton—distills the principles of wealth management that we spent three decades assembling and refining into a very disciplined process. It’s a process that we trust so implicitly that we apply it not only to our clients’ lives but our own.

Who We Help

Our clients may come from a variety of backgrounds, yet they share a commonality: They work with us because they know they will receive great advice for a fair fee regardless of the issue. We strive to help our clients make informed and confident decisions about their money. To that end, we have designed our wealth management process to present often-complex strategies in a simple-to-understand manner. We have particular expertise working with:

Key Executives
and Managers


and Retirees

Widows and

How We Help

We all need road maps for life. Even though some of the destinations along the way can be anticipated, such as funding a college education or retirement, others can be a surprise, like an illness or caring for aging parents. We want you to be ready. That’s why we build a road map to prepare for what you can’t predict. We think of everything that could happen—and plan for it—so you are ready for the expected and unexpected.

Issue 1

Buying a Home

Issue 2

Children's Education

Issue 3

Life Transitions

Issue 4


Issue 5

Travel and Fun

Issue 6

Sale of a Business


Books by Hatton Consulting


The New Fiduciary Standard
by Tim Hatton

The Wealth Management Experience
by Jim Hatton


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